Online couponsor promo codes or voucher codes are same codes provided by merchant partners to help customers to save extra money while shopping online. These couponscomewith a limited time validity and sometime specific to a particular product or a set of categories and at time gives FLAT discounts or at time discount in a percentage form also.

Deals or Offers are the discount deals provided from online merchants on a particular category or across their web portals. In case of Deals and offers, you need not to have a Promo code to avail extra discounts and you will be simply eligible for extra discounts mentioned from stores automatically.

A coupon is an alphanumeric code given from a particular store/merchant which needs to be applied at the checkout page to avail the extra discount whereas a Deal is a discounted price on aproduct or a range of products and there is no code required to avail extra savings

On any store coupon page at CouponDesert–you have to click on the “SHOW COUPON CODE” button. The code will be automatically coped for you which you have to use at respective store website checkout page to avail extra discount

It can possible as coupons comes from merchant end and their validity can be changed without further notice from them. Although, we make our best effort to ensure that all our coupons are tested and valid. However, there can befewcaseswhich could lead to a non-working coupon code:
1. A coupon code islimited to single use for oneuser.
2. Expiration of coupons changedthan the original expiration date.Particular store or merchantterminates the coupon without prior notification.

NOTE: Kindly note that CouponDesert is completely dependent on our merchant partners over the details and we don’t have any controlover anyoffer expiry, or rates change or anything related to coupon/promo code and we are not responsible for the accuracy of any coupons listed on our site. To learn more, please read our disclaimer

No, it’s not possible to use multiple coupons for a single order as most of the brands allow only one coupon per order/transactionbut this can vary from brand to brand.

Absolutely, we always try to submit legit and long working deals and coupons at our portal to help our customersto save extra money while shopping with us

Finding any store or category is very easy at CouponDesert, you need to simply type the name of your stores and it will show all the coupons available under that store.

We try to keep every consumer happy and to make it a continuous process we keep on adding more and more advertisers in our kitty. To find your favourite store, there are two options, either go to All Stores page and over there find it or else you can simply search by its name and you will be able to access deals and discount coupons for your store.If you are not able to find your store in any case then please do write us at [email protected] and share your suggestion to add that store and we will add the same.

No, Coupon Code or Voucher Code represent the same things and both are there to provide extra discounts. It is just a nomenclature from merchants.

Yes, sometimestores use to share their own guidelines related to them and we recommend to have a look at those which you can find on the respective store on the Left Navigation under heading like “Amazon Terms & Conditions”.

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